COVID-19 Response
Baja Cooks serves a hearty combination of Tex-Mex and traditional American-style meals served buffet style….. See Menus
Yes indeed, we can accommodate most special dietary needs….. See special dietary needs.
Most of our food comes from reputable distributors and grocery chains in Mexico. Some items, however, such as meats and specialty items are bought exclusively in the U.S.
We set up a lunch line (deli buffet and snacks) every morning before and during breakfast with everything needed to build your own bagged lunches. We provide large coolers to store and/or transport your lunches as well as 5 gallon igloos of cold drinking water and Gatorade.
Yes, we purchase all our water (and ice) from Ultra Pura, the largest distributor of purified drinking water in Baja California.
We work around your schedule though here you can find an example of a typical food schedule.
No, as much as we would love to feed the families the food we serve is strictly for the paying participants. It is possible to purchase extra meals ahead of time for the families you are serving or street ministries. (Please call for details)
Yes, however we ask that you please serve yourself moderate meal portions the first time through the line to give everyone a chance to try the entire menu.
Menus for the following day are always posted in front of our kitchen area.
Yes, tables and chairs are included in the cost.