COVID-19 Response

Upcoming menus are posted one day in advance in the service area. It is very important for participants with special dietary needs to introduce themselves to the staff prior to each meal so they can prepare accordingly.

We cook everything fresh on-site but as far as dry goods, we highly recommend reading food labels. We do not use shellfish or any type of nuts in any of our dishes. There are, however, nuts in the granola bars and other snacks we provide. For any other allergies please let your trip organizer know in advance.

We can store medicine (such as insulin or Epi-Pens) in our coolers/refrigerators but recommend bringing a small cooler that we can periodically fill with ice. This allows participants 24/7 access to the medicine and gives them the option of taking the medicine to the work site or keeping it with them overnight.

We can provide special (gluten-free) bread for daily sandwiches and French toast as well as Gluten-free pasta and cereals. We have plenty of corn tortillas (good for turkey roll ups), meats, fruits and vegetables as well as eggs. Breakfasts and dinners are never a problem but we do recommend participants with celiac disease to bring snacks for lunches. Specialty items can be arranged.

Although we don’t have a set menu for vegetarians, our team always has some of the following available: Spaghetti with meatless marinara sauce, steamed vegetables (corn, green beans and carrots), veggie burgers and vegetarian tamales. We also serve Spanish rice (no chicken stock), and vegetarian beans every other night. Soy milk is also available upon request. Our staff usually makes daily runs to the store so specialty items can often be purchased.