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“When we evaluate our budget, there is always someone who says we can cut costs by doing our own food. To which I reply, “As a trip coordinator, Camping Pros is not about the meals. We could bring our own PB&J and survive for a week. Camping Pros is about the extra tents when we find, at the last minute, we are short sleeping space. It is the saltine crackers when half our crew is vomiting all over the place. It is the cooler space for refrigerated medication, the extra plastic bags when ours run out, the ice for throbbing, hammered thumbs, it is your crew saying “What can we do to help” when a crisis of any size comes up. It is my good night’s sleep knowing that I have a local support system to help me care for 21 teens and 5 adults in the middle of the desert, in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language.” Yes, everything went well on our mission trip to Mexico, and Camping Pros made it so. For that I thank you and look forward to working with you next year.”

Swedenborgian Church from San Francisco, CA

“Our trip was great! Each time we travel to Mexico we fall more and more in love with the people there. Our group was very pleased with the service we received from Eugene, Sarai and Marguerita. We were very pleased to see them again, since they took care of us two years ago, in Rosarito. The food was delicious, always enough to go around and good variety. Tents, sleeping mats and anything else was also great, with no complaints! You’ve got a bunch of happy campers here. Eugene even went above and beyond when he helped us purchase a bed for the young man we were building the house for and even delivered it to the location for us. We are very grateful for him and his willingness to help and be involved. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Camping Pros and we plan to use you again next summer. I appreciate the smooth communication we have had during the planning process. It makes my job way easier. Thanks again Troy!! Warm Regards.”

Plano Christian Church from Plano, IL